"Firstly, it is more than a gym, it is a community of friends with many similar interests and always welcoming. Following an invite from my daughter before the gym even opened, I turned up to a training class one night in a park at Greenhills Cronulla. I was hooked straight away. At 53 years old and what I called "reasonably fit", I felt "I belonged". I have been going to classes ever since. Usually 3-4 weight classes and 2 Cardio / Boxing classes a week and love it. The gym has given me so much more confidence in myself, an increased body muscle size, higher fitness levels and a new group of friends. A huge thank you to all the trainers Ben, Ben, Mark and of course Renee (my reason for starting). Join up, you won't be sorry."

- Brad Hinks

"In a space of 4 weeks Ben and his team trained me to lose 3.6% body fat !! To say that I am suprised is an under statement . As a 40 year old mum with two small children I am amazed how far my fitness has come in 4 weeks !! I feel amazing and I feel excited to see what my fitness journey holds in store for me !! If you really want something then body coaching high performance will help you get there!!"

- Allyson Gyrmakis

“Body Coaching is more than just a gym to me. It’s a place where I can feel comfortable to be 100% myself and get healthy while doing it! The trainers are so dedicated, motivating and always have smiles on their faces. While that makes it sound like it’s all sunshine and rainbows, they also put together some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done so you know you’re getting your money’s worth and are guaranteed to see results. Go in for a free trial, you won’t regret it, 3 years on and I’m still loving it!”

- Jacinta Gulisano

“Ben is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer that gets the most out of his clients. BCHP is an outstanding facility with specifically tailored programs to allow everyone to achieve their goals no matter the skill level. I would recommend everyone come down and have a session because you will be hooked after your first try!”

- Jarryd Sullivan

“Body coaching is not just a gym to me. It literally feels like my second home as the trainers and people that are apart of this community make it so.  

I think nearly every person that attends this gym will tell you once you start training here you become addicted. I love walking in to see the amazing faces of Ben, Renee, Mark and Ben.P greeting you and asking personally how you are or remembering what you told them last week. In my own personal assistance the amazing gratitude this gym has shown by organising a cancer council charity dedicated to my own mother fighting her own battles. This is simply genuine kindness that you don’t see a lot of. I am forever grateful.  

The guidance and training physically and mentally Body Coaching has provided me; has seriously allowed me to grow into a stronger woman today. I feel I can tackle all adversities in life. Body coaching high performance not just a gym but a fitfam! ❤️”

- Kate Hill

“6 week body challenge results are in: 1. Hardest god damn gym I've ever been to never been so sweaty before. Dropped body fat % and gained muscle. Sitting in a very healthy range and can definitely get more results the longer I continue but numbers are numbers and it's about how I feel. 2. Met the most amazing people who are all there battling away for the same reason, no one quits and no one makes you feel like you can't finish your set for the day. Everyone smiles. Everyone laughs. What a community. 3. Ben - mate changed my life. And finally, 4. girl got abs never been happier and I now understand how to eat properly and exercise to get the results I want. Long post but honestly get yourself to this gym cause it's not just a 6 week challenge, it's a game changer - a life changer.”

- Alannah Mercedes

“As a long term sufferer of Arthritis, I often found it difficult to participate in physical activity without feeling pain and discomfort. Since starting at BCHP more than 12 months ago, not only has my pain decreased, but, I also find myself able to be much more active and I enjoy it. Due to this my overall health and fitness has improved, allowing me to have a much better quality of life. The trainers have all helped me, ensuring I am completing exercises correctly and to the best of my ability. I now love going to the gym because I can do things I never thought I could.”

- Lana Swanbury

“I joined Body Coaching almost a year ago and can honestly say it has been the best decision I have ever made! All the trainers make you feel so welcome, they push you to your limits and help you reach your goals! In just one year they have helped me go down two dress sizes and also made it possible for me to love the gym! I would recommend Body Coaching to anyone and everyone.”

- Isabel Warncken

“The best training I have ever done. Ben is extremely committed and passionate about delivering the results you are after. The trainers have created a positve culture where change happens. Could not recommended BCHP highly enough! ”

- Nathan Redmayne 

“Have never sweat so much in my life! Ben takes the time to get to know each client, their goals and injuries. Every workout is different, helping you to discover muscles you never knew you had. The gym has such a great atmosphere and community. Definitely recommend!”

- Annabelle Wood

“Incredible trainers and such a humble community to be apart of. Not your ordinary gym, it’s is full of passion, knowledge and inspiration! Results come naturally when your having fun ”

- Sharna Price

"Body Coaching is not just a gym it's a community, a group of friends coming together to share a common interest. The trainers are always so friendly and always welcome you with a smile. They are constantly pushing you to your limits, keeping you accountable and helping set goals and strive towards them. Training at Body Coaching has been one of the best training decisions I have made!"

- Rianne Underwood

“Body coaching is the most motivational gym I have ever been to! The classes are always fun & interactive whilst being pushed to the edge. Ben is an amazing coach that inspires positive energy & all the knowledge you will need to know. All the coaches have there own individual strengths in which they use fundimentally during each & every class they run.”

- Brad Wishart

"Can highly recommend Body Coaching. All the coaches are amazing and it’s not like the big gyms where no one knows each other, they all make time to see how you are going and everyone has such a good friendship with each other. Such a good range of classes offered and all made very enjoyable!"

- Georgie Woods


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